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Free ideas

Following up on my last Bill and Steve video post, I’m having fun making my way through a bunch of past TED Conference talks.

If you haven’t heard of TED, it’s all about big ideas on technology, entertainment and design.

I just watched a great talk about failures in modern civic design by James Howard Kunstler. Also highly recommend Hans Rosling with "the best stats you’ve seen" and Blaise Aguera y Arcas‘ talk about Photosynth software:


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I watched the Bill Gates and Steve Jobs show the other night. It reminded me why I love technology.

It is a rare experience to hear business philosophies driven by such strong personality, ego, style and technical talent articulated by guys like these two — in front of each other.

I haven’t ever been a big Apple fan but Steve was great and showed his genius.

It is a great discussion.


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5 Years

I wrote about this day privately and now I can’t find the file. So as with the rest of the ramblings on this blog, maybe this public record will help me sort out a thought or two and log them for some time.
It’s important to me to remember what September 11 means. It’s not about attaching anything to those acts that doesn’t belong. Ze Frank makes that point well. Attacking us was no doubt a political statement, but my feeling is 90% of today’s politics associated with September 11 does not belong.
I don’t think it’s necessary for everybody, but I watched this unedited, unmoderated, unscored, amazing 30-minute clip that spans the events of that morning. It’s the first time I’ve focused on that day in a while. And it’s healthy to put my mind back there. To remember what it means. To hear an innocent voice on the tape ask "What building is that?" at a time before the image of the World Trade Center was scarred into everyone’s brain.
Basically (for me anyway) it’s not about a Nic Cage drama vehicle or a presidential address. It’s about people and how bad we can be and how good we can be.
The CEO of my company and another executive wrote about that day and, put simply, made the events more "speakable." While it’s good for me to remind myself what that day was and is about, it’s more important to look at it through a clear lens of words and thoughts and conversation.

Satellite Maps for NYC!

Haven’t seen this mentioned from the source but… Long at last we New Yorkers enjoy high quality satellite photos of the best city on earth! But only if you live below 120th Street — here’s before and after:

Melted Rooftops

Here’s a shot at Jonathan’s latest blog entry
In the middle of January there was snow on every neighboring rooftop but, from air conditioning exhaust required to cool their energy-hungry server room, their share of snow had melted?

Windows Live Mail

I was invited by Microsoft to join its beta for the new Live Mail service, went through all the necessary sign-in steps, and BAM! Hit with this error message — to my knowledge I don’t fall into any of these categories:
UPDATE: Several folks from Microsoft contacted me to let me know this message also applies to customers who subscribe to MSN via partners. Makes sense, thanks for the follow-up!

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